Friday, November 30, 2007

First Seeds Started

Yes, I have started my first seeds for next spring. Actually, I started them Wednesday afternoon. I could be the first blogger around here to start flower seeds, do I win something? Do I? Do I? Do I? Maybe more seeds to start? Just kidding. I didn't start them ALL. Here is the list of what I started:

True Lavender
Lavender- Lady
Pink Lavender
Painted Daisy

I started the lavenders now because they grow so slowly for me, and I wanted them to be a decent size when I transplanted them in spring. I started the rosemary because I have always wanted one of those wonderful rosemary topiaries. I love painted daisies, but they also grow so slow that I decided to start them hugely early this year. And the asparagus was just because I had one hole left.

Yesterday my 22 month old found the little pan of soil I used to cover the seeds. (Just as I was getting ready to leave, of course) Boy, was she ever happy. Today I don't feel as horrible as I could, I suppose, I only have a cold. My 7 yo is home with the flu today. See? It's all in how you look at it.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I'm Just About Ready!

Yesterday afternoon, after I had all the 'have to do' housework done, I trimmed all the dead leaves off my poor pathetic looking geraniums (11 of them), mandavillas (2 of them), and the four other misc plants rescued from the too cold greenhouse the other day. My sewing nook has a set of sliding glass doors that face the south, so thats where they are going to spend their winter. Last year I had geraniums blooming all the way through winter. Not so this year. Oh well, I did see green on most of them, we'll see. I even made room in there to bring my grow light shelf my hubby made me years ago. It has two shelves, so I put all the plants on the top. I had planned to start some pink lavender seeds I bought, but I woke up this morning with a horrible headache, running nose, started sneezing and coughing, yes, my friends, I believe I have my first cold of the season. I will probably still run out to the greenhouse later for some soil. Years ago I bought some seed starters from Gardeners Supply Co, the styrofoam things with the wicking systems. I use these to start the seeds, and transplant them later to mini drinking cups with a hole poked in the bottom. I have had great success starting seeds with those things.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

It rained a bit here, we really needed it, but I wasn't ready for it. I have leaves that need to be relocated to the garden area and around a few of the roses. And I still have bulbs to plant in the front flower bed ! My cats hang out around the back of the house, so the squirrels stay around front. I planned to put daffadils up front, something the squirrels will leave alone. When we moved here in March of 2006, the only plants around the entire house was four hostas, two on either side of the front steps. No Kidding! I have tried to landscape the front, and I'm about half done. I still have an area to do that I can't figure exactly what to do with. There are two doors on the front of our house, one to the front door, and one that enters into the family room (we use this one). Beside this door is all the ugly utility boxes, around twenty assorted wires, and the air conditioner. And surrounding the entire mess is a ton of that red rock stuff, lava rock. I am thinking of just spreading the rock out a bit, plant what I need, and cover the entire area with mulch. What do you think? I just have to figure out exactly how to hide the ugly stuff.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Shopping Yesterday

If Friday was black Friday, what was yesterday? Believe me, it was bad yesterday, too. I got lots of shopping done, but didn't find any yard ornaments. I DID, however, find a few gardening books on clearance at the bookstore. Buy 2, get one free, too! The last place we went was to Sutherlands (like Lowe's), and of COURSE I had to go out to the garden center. I almost cried. They had hibiscus standards, huge mandavilla vines, amoung a few, and they had just left them outside the night before when it got too cold. They looked so sad, black and limp, and I could just visualize how beautiful they looked just 24 hours earlier. The worst part was the door to the store was a meer 20 feet away, WHY DIDN"T THEY TAKE THEM INSIDE THE STORE? I had to turn around and walk away, because we had driven my Mom's car instead of my mini-van. If I had had the mini-van, I would have been SO tempted to rescue the entire lot. I know I'm not alone, am I?

Friday, November 23, 2007

After Thanksgiving

Well, it's done. We have lots of leftovers, I won't have to cook much til Sunday, with some luck. Tomorrow my Mom and I are driving an hour and a half away to go to a city to shop. It should be fun, the only kid going is my 22 month old daughter. And she has promised not to tell the other kids what we buy. It got pretty cold here last night, and my greenhouse got too cold. So all my plants had to be brought inside, and they don't look so happy right now. Got a new catalog the other day from Pinetree Seeds, already have a list of wants, and since the shipping is reasonable I will probably order from them. I got one from Stokes, but the shipping is too high. I know the cost has to go up, since the price of gas is going up, but gee-wiz! My oldest has a nice digital camera he got from grandparents for his birthday, and he let me borrow it to take a few pictures. I will try to get them posted tonight when he brings me the cord. Please tell me it's not hard, I am not so computer savy.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Cool weather is here

The cold weather I have been dreading, I mean expecting, has officially arrived. I have spent most of the day getting a head start on tomorrow's cooking: five pies, sweet potatoe casserole, ambrosia, and wheat bread. Terrible wheat bread, but probably edible. The kids have been digging through the drawers of hats, gloves, and scarves all morning, putting one thing more on every trip inside. I had just taken the bread out of the oven when I had a terrible thought. The only plant left to put in the greenhouse as of yesterday was my hibiscus. Oops. I forgot to put it in last night, so I ran out and did it really quick. BBrr. It's only 40 in the greenhouse right now, and I'm afraid I'm going to have to run a space heater in there for a little while this evening to warm it up a bit. My Dad works for a college, and he got me a four of those large jugs the food service gets oil in. I painted them black, filled them with water, and they're supposed to absorb the heat of the daytime, and release it at night. The idea was to could keep the geraniums, mandavilla vines, mosquito plant, hibiscus, etc. out in the greenhouse until later in December. I may end up bringing them into the house earlier than I'd hoped. I went to the library yesterday, got a book on herbs. I have several, but needed something new to read. I have always wanted an herb garden, four equal beds, statue in the center. Hhhmmmmm.

Monday, November 19, 2007

First Catalog

I got my first catalog for 2008 from Stokes on Saturday, and have been salivating over it ever since. Is it too early to start seedlings for next year? :) I even cleaned my sewing nook this morning already, just in case I want to drag my grow lights in from the garage. Oh my, wouldn't my hubby be surprised? Well, maybe not. Last year my garden was 50 by 50, and early fall I tilled 20 more feet both ways, and now it is 70 by 70. I have stacks and stacks of jars in the garage, my goal is to get them all full next year. I have had two people offer me jars lately, and I would have loved to take them, but I have to prove to myself I can use all the ones I have now. Remind me later that I said that. The other half of our block is owned by a farmer, and he offered me a share-crop plan for next year. He buys the seed, plants it on his property, I weed, and we share the bootle. I hope it all pans out, I would love to try it. I would love to own that property, also, I could grow SO much more. I could go on and on with plans, more fruit, wildflower patch, more vegetables, pecan trees, I'll stop rambling now, sorry. Spent Saturday raking leaves and dumping them on the garden space. The kids helped me in the morning, but I let them play in the afternoon, and I am so sore from bending over with the blower. Sad part is, I'm not done yet. I think I'll treat myself to a break so I can look at my new catalog.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Introducing Myself

Hey! I am a stay at home Mom with seven kids, yes, seven. Six I personally gave birth to and one I am a step-Mom to. We live in a large house that amazingly has an entire half block with it, with no alley! We moved here in March of 2006, and since then my wonderful hubby has allowed me to do pretty much whatever I want to the yard. So as of now, I have a huge English style flower garden, a 70 by 70 vegetable garden, five fruit trees (so far), blackberries, raspberries (the three that survived last years floods), strawberries, gooseberries, blueberries, grapes, and currants. No, were not rich, I found a wonderful company on-line that sells fruit bushes, vines, and plants pretty cheap (Thank you Pense Nursery!). And I had a big garage sale to fund that indevour. I bought a bunch of packets of perennial seeds($1 each) and started much of what I have planted (Look up T's Flowers and Things). My wonderful man even built me a lean to greenhouse onto the back of the garage when my sewing nook became so overcrowded last year you had to stand sideways to get in. And for Christmas last year I had my hubby buy me some heirloom rose bushes. Some people eat out, some buy special coffee everyday, or lots of new clothes. I stay at home, drink home-brewed tea, shop garage sales, and save my pennies to buy more seeds. I thought I was very unusual until I found some of the other blogs here. Wow, I feel so at home.