Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Cool weather is here

The cold weather I have been dreading, I mean expecting, has officially arrived. I have spent most of the day getting a head start on tomorrow's cooking: five pies, sweet potatoe casserole, ambrosia, and wheat bread. Terrible wheat bread, but probably edible. The kids have been digging through the drawers of hats, gloves, and scarves all morning, putting one thing more on every trip inside. I had just taken the bread out of the oven when I had a terrible thought. The only plant left to put in the greenhouse as of yesterday was my hibiscus. Oops. I forgot to put it in last night, so I ran out and did it really quick. BBrr. It's only 40 in the greenhouse right now, and I'm afraid I'm going to have to run a space heater in there for a little while this evening to warm it up a bit. My Dad works for a college, and he got me a four of those large jugs the food service gets oil in. I painted them black, filled them with water, and they're supposed to absorb the heat of the daytime, and release it at night. The idea was to could keep the geraniums, mandavilla vines, mosquito plant, hibiscus, etc. out in the greenhouse until later in December. I may end up bringing them into the house earlier than I'd hoped. I went to the library yesterday, got a book on herbs. I have several, but needed something new to read. I have always wanted an herb garden, four equal beds, statue in the center. Hhhmmmmm.

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