Monday, November 19, 2007

First Catalog

I got my first catalog for 2008 from Stokes on Saturday, and have been salivating over it ever since. Is it too early to start seedlings for next year? :) I even cleaned my sewing nook this morning already, just in case I want to drag my grow lights in from the garage. Oh my, wouldn't my hubby be surprised? Well, maybe not. Last year my garden was 50 by 50, and early fall I tilled 20 more feet both ways, and now it is 70 by 70. I have stacks and stacks of jars in the garage, my goal is to get them all full next year. I have had two people offer me jars lately, and I would have loved to take them, but I have to prove to myself I can use all the ones I have now. Remind me later that I said that. The other half of our block is owned by a farmer, and he offered me a share-crop plan for next year. He buys the seed, plants it on his property, I weed, and we share the bootle. I hope it all pans out, I would love to try it. I would love to own that property, also, I could grow SO much more. I could go on and on with plans, more fruit, wildflower patch, more vegetables, pecan trees, I'll stop rambling now, sorry. Spent Saturday raking leaves and dumping them on the garden space. The kids helped me in the morning, but I let them play in the afternoon, and I am so sore from bending over with the blower. Sad part is, I'm not done yet. I think I'll treat myself to a break so I can look at my new catalog.

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