Friday, November 30, 2007

First Seeds Started

Yes, I have started my first seeds for next spring. Actually, I started them Wednesday afternoon. I could be the first blogger around here to start flower seeds, do I win something? Do I? Do I? Do I? Maybe more seeds to start? Just kidding. I didn't start them ALL. Here is the list of what I started:

True Lavender
Lavender- Lady
Pink Lavender
Painted Daisy

I started the lavenders now because they grow so slowly for me, and I wanted them to be a decent size when I transplanted them in spring. I started the rosemary because I have always wanted one of those wonderful rosemary topiaries. I love painted daisies, but they also grow so slow that I decided to start them hugely early this year. And the asparagus was just because I had one hole left.

Yesterday my 22 month old found the little pan of soil I used to cover the seeds. (Just as I was getting ready to leave, of course) Boy, was she ever happy. Today I don't feel as horrible as I could, I suppose, I only have a cold. My 7 yo is home with the flu today. See? It's all in how you look at it.

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