Tuesday, November 27, 2007

It rained a bit here, we really needed it, but I wasn't ready for it. I have leaves that need to be relocated to the garden area and around a few of the roses. And I still have bulbs to plant in the front flower bed ! My cats hang out around the back of the house, so the squirrels stay around front. I planned to put daffadils up front, something the squirrels will leave alone. When we moved here in March of 2006, the only plants around the entire house was four hostas, two on either side of the front steps. No Kidding! I have tried to landscape the front, and I'm about half done. I still have an area to do that I can't figure exactly what to do with. There are two doors on the front of our house, one to the front door, and one that enters into the family room (we use this one). Beside this door is all the ugly utility boxes, around twenty assorted wires, and the air conditioner. And surrounding the entire mess is a ton of that red rock stuff, lava rock. I am thinking of just spreading the rock out a bit, plant what I need, and cover the entire area with mulch. What do you think? I just have to figure out exactly how to hide the ugly stuff.

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Gina said...

hi christine - thanks for visiting my blog! i hate that red lava rock and i have a long section next to our basketball court that is filled with the stuff, too. i have been trying to get motived to get rid of it so that I can plant something there. the worst part is that I actually put the rocks there! it was before i knew better.