Sunday, November 25, 2007

Shopping Yesterday

If Friday was black Friday, what was yesterday? Believe me, it was bad yesterday, too. I got lots of shopping done, but didn't find any yard ornaments. I DID, however, find a few gardening books on clearance at the bookstore. Buy 2, get one free, too! The last place we went was to Sutherlands (like Lowe's), and of COURSE I had to go out to the garden center. I almost cried. They had hibiscus standards, huge mandavilla vines, amoung a few, and they had just left them outside the night before when it got too cold. They looked so sad, black and limp, and I could just visualize how beautiful they looked just 24 hours earlier. The worst part was the door to the store was a meer 20 feet away, WHY DIDN"T THEY TAKE THEM INSIDE THE STORE? I had to turn around and walk away, because we had driven my Mom's car instead of my mini-van. If I had had the mini-van, I would have been SO tempted to rescue the entire lot. I know I'm not alone, am I?

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