Thursday, December 27, 2007

Here is a picture of my African Violets, the one on the front-right needs divided, the sad part is it has been so long since it bloomed that I have no idea what color it is. The pink one has purple spots on it, and the light purple one my grandmother gave me years ago. Two of the other ones in back are starts off that one. I used to have more, a white one, red one, dark purple one, light pink one, but the last two times I've moved have been in February. Somehow they didn't appreciate the extreemly cold weather we were having. I'm not moving anymore, so I may have to look into replacing them.
This is a picture of my favorite indoor plant right now. It's always happy. It never complains about the cold, the heat, the lack of water in the summer, just the perfect little plant. You can just barely see my veregated airplane plant, I have a plain green one in the bathroom, it's much happier than this one. Theres only one small window in there, but it likes all the steam from the shower.
It's supposed to snow again tonight. I was hoping for a sunny day to go outside and get pictures of the greenhouse, I might have to wait until Saturday.


Carol said...

You have quite a few African violets. My grandmother always had some, but she died in 1972, when I was far too young to get a start from her. So, keep your grandmother's AV especially and make sure to get keep taking cuttings from it and keep it going! You'll be glad you did and so will your kids, someday.

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Christine said...

Yes, I'll have to make sure I keep a start for each of them to have when they grow up. They are just as sentamental as I am.