Friday, December 7, 2007

Log Benches

When Jeff was taking down trees last weekend, he saved me two four foot lengths of logs, to which he split in two. Now, all we have to do is add four legs on each one, varnish them, and ta-da! Benches. Won't they fit so well into my cottage garden?
In other news, I now have 31 little pink lavender seedlings. Of the first six packages of seeds, the pink lavender was the only one that was bought recently. The rest are leftovers from last spring. I left them on the hot back porch all summer, so I'm beginning to doubt that the rest will sprout. I do have one true lavender seedling, I think. The lady lavender and true lavender markers were the two Emily pulled out. I'm not completely certain I got them put back in the right places. LOL. Gotta have a sense of humor when you have children.

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