Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Pictures of My Seedlings

I actually got it to work!! It wasn't easy, and I am so proud of myself! This is a close-up of the second set of seeds I started, the Lupines in the upper right hand corner are the ones that need repotted into their big-plant pots, the little 4 ounce cups I buy and put a hole in with a knife.

This a picture of the entire shelf of seedlings. The picture above is the one on the far end. In the lower left corner is two more sets of lupines, and they will need to be repotted next, I'm afraid. The Lupines are growing faster than any other seedling I have. Here is a picture of my grow shelf. There is another shelf under the one with lights, the same distance apart, that will hold my seedlings after I repot them. The upper shelf has a container of soil (it kinda looks like foil with the flash), container of seeds, watering can, and a container of mini cups. On the other end is some of the geraniums, the two mandivillas, and one lone aleo vera plant I got from the library not too long ago.
Next I'll take pictures of the rest of my indoor plants, and maybe some of the greenhouse.

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Nickie said...

Wow, look how healthy those seedlings look! You must have a very green thumb :)