Saturday, December 1, 2007


If you walk around the left side of my house and walk about 30 feet, this is where you would be. I'm trying to get more brick, and the pathway in front of you will be brick. There is a small brick pathway in the lower right hand corner that goes to the covered porch. Our property goes all the way to the back street and to a line just behind the evergreens on the left side of the picture.Can you tell I have kids? There is a pathway of rock and mulch that leads to the little house. This picture was taken standing just off the porch (on the left), and the rest of the house and garage would be behind you.
Here is a picture standing in front of my greenhouse, which is at the end of the garage. The brick pathway will eventually go all the way around the circle bed and back to the front. I have several rock pathways that intersect the brick.
The structure above has a climbing rose planted at each corner, my husband, oldest son, and I made this early last year, and so the roses haven't grown much yet. I put the stumps under the rose pergolla to use as tables, in warmer weather I have chairs that sit out there with them. On the left you can see the end of the trellis I made out of branches, that goes along the side of the garage about twenty feet. I have three climbing roses planted there, with flowers in front of them. I still have so much to do, I hope it will be fun to watch my progress. When we moved in here there was nothing here, not even one flower.
I had a terrible time getting these pictures posted, it took me four tries! But I won't let that persuade me not to try it again. Next time I need to get a picture of the front, to get everyones opinion of my 'problem spot'.

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Kitty's Country Kitchen said...

Thanks so much for inviting me to your new blog. I too have a blogspot blog. I don't use it that often, about once a week. I mostly post recipes.
I love the pictures because that is kinda how I want my backyard to be. An arbor over a path that just winds around my garden. I would love not to have to cut grass, just have everything one big flower garden and pathways, LOL. Wouldn't that be nice?
Well thanks so much for visiting and inviting me. Oh and I think getting the kids involved with the card sending was a fantastic idea, good job.