Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Pinetree Garden Seeds

Last Thursday I made my order to Pinetree, and I can't wait to get my seeds. I am sososo a garden geek. I poor over each catalog I receive for hour and hours, make a list of what I would like to have. I spend two or three days revising my list, then I can't wait to get the seeds in. I have ordered seeds through the mail for years now, but just the last two I have discoved the joy of doing so online. And no, I don't order from every single catalog that I receive. Some companies charge too much for shipping and handling, and some just don't have enough of what I'm looking for. Right now I'm in to ordering perennial seeds, I love to find new ones, ones that I don't have. I just can't justify paying $8-$15 for a plant when I can grow 50 of them for under $5. (seeds, pots, soil) This year my list is quite long (no big surprise there, huh?). I will try to start posting pictures of the 'babies' when they emerge.
Timmy had the flu Friday, Tyler had it Saturday. I seems as though were done for this round. Wow. EVERYONE didn't get it. Over the weekend Jeff (hubby) went out and took down a couple more trees, several areas had three or four trees growing right together, and we chose which one to keep, and took down the rest. Anyway, I saved a pile of branches to make a trellis for sweet peas and morning glories. When I get over this cold I will get going on it. I DO plan to spend a little while outside today weeding in the flower beds, it's supposed to be 65, and I just can't help myself.

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