Sunday, December 9, 2007

Pink Lavender Count

The Pink Lavender Seedling count is up to 44 now. I count it several times a day, it is always so exciting to see yet another sprout. My oldest ,16, is on the varsity basketball team and my 15 yo step son is on the freshman team, so as the gypsy would say, I have a lot of basketball games in my future. This week I attended two each an hours drive away, and two on Sat. about twenty-five minutes away. I even missed one on Friday! I had company, and that hours drive just didn't happen. I did, however, send him with a bag full of homemade rice krispie treats, and some homemade bread. That makes up for it, doesn't it?
Our 'front ' finally came through. We have ice, a nice, thick, shiny layer of ice. I would have preferred snow. I am, however, going to slide out to the greenhouse later today. I just MUST get some more seed starters.

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Nickie said...

We got that ice too. Both the dog and I took a tumble on it this morning ;). that will teach me to pay attention!

You ahve a lot of lavender babies! :)