Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Plant Counts for Today

And the counts are:
Lavender- pink: 48
Lavender- lady?: 9
Lavender- true?: 4
Luping- tutti fuitty: 12
I do wish the rest would hurry! The sooner they all emerge and grow a little, the sooner I can start transplanting them, and start more seeds in the section of the propagator they're in. I'm trying to refrain from going to the greenhouse and getting another starter, so the second shelf can be for transplants only. The first shelf is already full with three starters. Do you think I will be able to wait? No, I agree, I probably won't.


fransorin said...


I love your blog. I'm impressed. Do tell me....when did you start your perennial seeds?? Fran

Christine said...

I started my first six packets on Nov. 28, the next six packets on Dec. 12, and the last six packets on Dec. 9th. I blogged the names of the flowers, usually the day after I started them. Scroll down and you will ba able to tell what I started on what day. Thanks for stopping by! I hope to be able to post more pictures soon.

Nickie said...

Since you start yours so early, when do you get to plant them out? You must be living in a warmer zone then I do. :)

Christine said...

Actually, I live in southeastern Kansas, 6b, I think it's only a bit different than Indiana. I started some of my perenial seeds extra early this year, because some grow so slowly and I wanted bigger plants when they get planted in the garden beds.