Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Remember the seeds I started last week? I looked this morning, and I have two little pink lavender babies. Yeah! Yesterday it was beautiful here, something like 63-65 degrees. I managed to get outside and weed half of the flower beds, but it was a little windy. It was so nice to be outside, working amongst the flowers, well, half-hibernating flowers. And before I came inside I grabbed another strophone propagation thing and I started six more packets inside in the warm sewing nook. The bright winter sun dips down far enough that it shines right into the room through the sliding glass doors. On sunny days thats the warmest place in the house, information the dog just figured out yesterday, too. CeCe was all layed out, right in the middle of the floor, asleep. Anyway, this is a list of the six I started yesterday:

yellow coneflower
lupine-tutti fruitty
evening primrose
butterfly weed- cinderella
butterfly weed- gay butterflies

I probably won't get too many astilbe, I managed to dump the packet on the floor. I tried to find the seeds, but they are very, very tiny. I am soso sad, I started them last year, with no luck, and I was hoping this year to get a couple. I guess I will have to go buy some this year. BooHoo.
No, being outside in the wind did not help my cold very much, a price to which I am paying for today.

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Nickie said...

I ordered some tutti-frutti seeds this year from pinetree garden seeds----

I'd like to see how well yours will sprout inside so i'll be keeping an eye on ya! :)