Friday, December 14, 2007

Snow, snow, snow!

It is supposed to do just that the next two to three days. It's supposed to start this afternoon, and go through Sunday. What's that you asked? Oh yes, my seedings are doing fine. I have had a few casualties, due to damping-off. The sewing room got a little cool there for a few days, and I think that was the cause. Last year I gave a lot of seedlings away, and last night my Mom offered to give me a little bit of money to buy seeds, in anticipation of getting plants later. I realize I could turn quite a profit if I sold all the extras, but I have so much fun giving my plants to people and watching their face light up. But if I still have some extras next year when I have my garage sale, I just might set a tray or two out. Who knows?

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Nickie said...

I'm dealing with the same conendrum. Seel seedlings or cuttings or just give them away? When i was a kid I used to sell my extra seedlings by the street(along with flowers I grew and produce). I'd jsut set up a folding table with a sign (or sometimes I danced around with the sign) and I would sell my extra tomato plants for $1 a piece. I would sell a lot of them, usually selling out and then when summer came I would sell tomatoes, summer squash, plums and other things I grew in the garden (I normally had 20-40 tomato plants). I was a little kid makin' a profit and making the lemonaid sellers jeolous :)

Now I face that again as I love growing things from seed but I have a tiny garden. Oh, and african violets are so easy to start by leaf cuttings..... Where oh where do I put them? Do I give them away or sell them cheep so that I can cover the cost of the lights and soil to grow them?