Monday, December 31, 2007

To Brick or Not to Brick

I know it is a little blury, but I was in a hurry and didn't take the time to check it real good before we hurried off to church. These beautiful creatures are my younger five children. They are left to right Tyler, almost 10, Abigail, 11, Emily, almost 2, Tiffany almost 10, and Timothy, 8 in two weeks. I say almost on some because all of them here but Abby have birthdays in January and February. Good thing about that is we can buy most of their birthday presents off the Christmas clearance rack.
Guess what I did yesterday? I was told I could have these, I just had to move them from there to here. My Mom came yesterday and brought her truck, so I moved them. Abby, Tyler, Tiffany, and Timothy helped, and it took four trips to get them all. Yes, I am a bit sore today. But they were free, YEAH, and I will have enough to get a lot of the paths done.
I wanted to show you the mulch pile while I was out there. This is a pile I got free, from the electric companies tree trimmers that were working in town. I told them to stop and drop off anytime, I would definitly use it all. Say hello to Cece, our little black dog sniffing the bricks.
One of these came from a tree we cut down in our yard, but the other three were from a house down the street, they were piled with a lot of other firewood by the curb, and I stopped and asked if I could have them. You should have seen his face when he said 'well, sure'. Yes, sir, I have lost my mind. Can you just see them set in the flower beds, filled with soil and planted with flowers? I thought I'd put a couple by the kids playhouse, and one even has a hole in the side, which I can plant another plant hanging out. What do you think?

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Carol said...

I think I am right jealous of all those free bricks and the "free" labor to help you bring them all home. Happy New Year!