Sunday, December 16, 2007


As of today, I have 19 different kinds of seeds started, and ten have germinated, and are growing. Four from the first six, four from the second six, and the last batch I started seven different types and two are already growing. It is SO exciting, well, at least to me it is.
Gina from My Skinny Garden listed a site called, that will send you six packets of seeds free if you send them a SASE. I thought- free? I have GOT to try this. I sent my envelope out, and got it back in record time. ! I got:
Sweet Fennel
Lettuce 'Color Salad Blend'
Early White Vienna Kohlrabi
Aguilegia sp. Blend
Yellow Iris
Blanket Flower
Black-Eyed Susan
Spider Flower
Scabiosa 'Ebony and Ivory'
Tomato Blend
Today I was at my Moms, and helped make an envelope out for her, I can't wait to hear what she gets. Included in the envelope I got was a card explaining how anyone can send them extra seed, for them to distribute. I really must try to do this next year. That is, unless, I can find SOMEONE out there who would want seeds. LOL


Nickie said...

Are ya sure that was me? ;)

the snow must be getting to me becuase I don't remember this!

Christine said...

Your right! And I was so sure I read it off your blog. Sorry! I was in such a hurry last night trying to get it typed, that I didn't take the time to make SURE. I looked it up this morning and fixed it.

Nickie said...

Don't worry, I've done stuff like that before.