Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!!

Guess what I did today? Yes, I replanted seedlings. This is what I did today, the bottom shelf of the grow shelf is what was done within the last week. I have way more plants than grow lights, but I'll just rotate whats under the lights until the greenhouse is warm enough to hold them.

I planted more seeds in the propagators, as of now I have started 36 different kinds of seeds. I counted all that I have replanted into the little cups, and here's the counts:
True Lavender- 12
Lavender, Lady- 81 (old seed, but WOW did it grow)
Pink Lavender- 20 (left after disease wiped out a good part of them)
Yellow Coneflower- 8
Astilbe- 4 (would have had more if I hadn't spilled the packet everywhere)
Lupine, Tutti-Fruity- 25
Evening Primrose- 45
Butterfly Weed, Cinderella- 27
Butterfly Weed, Gay Butterflies- 9
Lupine, Russell Hybrids- 31
Lupine, Lulu- 40
And last I leave you with a petunia. My daughter gave me this last year on May Day. It got nipped at Thankgiving, but it came back. I'm SO happy. Abigail loves the fact that I still have it.
I know you can't believe I'm not outside moving more brick, but I'm a little sore, and its a lot cold. Like 29 degrees cold. I'm terribly sorry, I guess I'm not dedicated enough to freeze my butt off for the sake of the garden. I hope that doesn't change your opinion of me. LOL

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