Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The new plan, shut-up, It might too be the last one.

Over at Mr. McGregor's Daughter, she posted about the latin name of a plant changing. I told her I didn't have the desire or room in my memory to even begin down that page. But, I will admit it actually came in very handy today. I started a packet of lavender- ' lady' about a month ago. The packet of Burpee seeds said the height would be 8-10 inches. I bought a packet from T's, and her packet of lavender- 'lady' said 18-24 inches. I was so confused. Then I happen to look at the genus names, and they were different!! Ahhh, mystery solved. But I can't explain why the packet of seeds I bought this year of Burpee seeds, yes, the same lavender- 'lady' said 12 inches. Same genus name and everything. You may ask why I keep buying so many. I plan to plant them completely up and down one pathway. Won't that look spectacular in bloom? One path will have lavender 'lady' and another will have pink lavender. I'm just not sure I'm gong to have enough of the pink to do all I want. I'll just have to get more seeds, and start more. What a shame, heheh. The page above is the new plan. I really like this one a lot better, although I will have to move two paths and find a LOT more brick.
The funny thing is, it took me forever to type this out, I have to keep getting up and checking on Emily. At this moment she is in her sisters' room, won't they be happy when they figure that one out? For some reason they can always tell when baby sister has been in their room, rearranging the Bratz house, go figure. I'd better go and rescue the ugly little dolls. Have a nice day!!!!


Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

Thanks for the mention. Yes, that's 1 of those times that Latin names come in handy. I love Lavender & had a hedge of it at my last house. Currently, I have only 1 plant, but it's in too much shade to bloom. I still run my fingers through the foliage whenever I get a chance.
Don't you just love when you're typing something & you hear blood-curdling screams from the next room? I try to be online only when the kids aren't around.

Katie said...

Ah yes, the virtues of Burpee seeds.

Your title cracked me up. That seems to be the story of my life as well!

Katie at GardenPunks

Christine said...

Mr's Daughter- I'm hoping the look my lavender creates is as good as it is in my mind. I try very hard to make sure all of the kids are busy before I get on the computer. If it's just Emily here I can get a bit of typing done during Teletubbies.
Katie- glad you stopped in, I'll have to check your blog out!

Sherry said...

Hmmm....I've been trying to think of what to plant as border in front of my garden. Would lavender be a good choice?

Christine said...

OOOOOooooooooo, yes. The Lavender 'lady' packet said it will get only 12 inches tall, it would be perfect in front, and when it filled in, it would look like a miniature hedge. I would watch out, though, most of the other lavenders get like two feet tall.