Friday, January 4, 2008

Only 16 Weeks To Go!

Here in zone 6 I am roughly 16 weeks until the average last spring frost. I know we have only just begun winter, but I only added it up so I could plan my seed starting a little bit. I don't mind starting the perennials a little earlier, they can go out to the greenhouse even when it's a little cool yet. (I was thinking maybe the end of February or the beginning of March.) Tomatoes and peppers are an entirely different story. If I start them too early they will be three feet tall before I could plant them outside. My family is pretty understanding when it comes to me and my obsession with plants, but I'm sure not going to push it. Sixty three foot tall tomatoe plants in the house just might send them over the edge.
I have a red and white petunia and a white geramium in bloom right now. And somehow all the rest of the plants seem to recovering well from their brush with death back in November, minus two I think.
I also added up the number of different seeds I have started as of today. Today I went out to the greenhouse and got more propagators to start more seeds, seventeen more to be exact. So I have 47 different perennials, two different kinds of onions, and some alpine strawberry seeds started. Yesterday I got my seeds in from T's (YEAH), so thats what brought on the seed starting today. No, I'm not telling you how many I ordered. But I will tell you that I didn't get them all started today, not even close.
I know I am not alone in my getting breathless at the sight of a package that is known to contain seeds. Oh, the euphoria involved in opening a package and holding in your hands the tiny little seeds that will one day produce the fruits of your labor, wether it be of the flower or vegetable variety.


Sherry said...

I'm so impressed with your blog and your plants. You must be very organized to have all those wonderful kids and be able to find time to start seedlings, blog, etc. LOL!

Christine said...

Thank you so much! I do try to be organized, I'm forever making lists, yet my closets don't reflect my organizational skills as much. LOL!