Monday, January 14, 2008

The Rest of the Family

This is Nickolas, my oldest, he will be 17 in April. This is my step-son, Matthew, he's 15. I have no idea why, they just decided to be wierd for this picture. This is Abigail, she is 11 and 1/2.
The one above is Tyler, below is Tiffany. They will be 10 in two weeks.


Sherry said...

What a nice looking family. You have been truly blessed!

Tonda said...

I will have to walk up and take a look around! It looks great,I dont know where you get the engery or the time to keep up with all this!!You are an amazing person!!

See at the game!!

Christine said...

Thank you, Sherry, It's nice to know they LOOK nice. Just kidding, they are great.

Hey Tonda! I'm glad you stopped in and checked my blog out.