Thursday, January 24, 2008

Seedlings, seedlings, everywhere!

I am seriously running out of room in my sewing room for seedlings. I have moved the tiny kids' table in here, it's just to the left of the picture. I rotate the trays, the ones that are taken off the lights go under the table, and what was under the table moves taward the windows. I know it don't look like it, but I really do have a system. I actually sit in one of the mini chairs and use the table to replant seedings, and start seeds.
The brown tray on the top left of the bottom picture full os seedlings, too. It's a kitty litter tray, I bought like six of them last year, They are great in the greenhouse. (Not to mention something I can easily pick up at the local dollar store.) My plant markers are plastic spoons, written on with a permanent magic marker. I have to break the rounded end off of the ones that go into the smaller pots, but thats easy enough to do.
On a personal note, I know several others have had colds lately, and I must have forgot to wash my hands after visiting their blogs, because I now have it. I have to be well by the weekend. I HAVE to. But I know that if its going to be that nice, I'll go outside anyway and suffer the consequences later. One station today at lunch said Sat 55 degrees, Sun 60 degrees, Mon 60 degrees. Wow. If I don't post until Tuesday, you all will know why!!


Tina said...

Why not give Winter Sowing a try? No lights, ummm...and no room needed. lol. Besides, I bet the kids would have a blast helping you out!

Careful though - it will become a true-fledged addiction quickly!

Diana said...

Sorry you have a cold - in know it's a hassle, I just got over one and my 5-year old either had two back-to-back or one endless two-week long cold. All I can say about your seedlings is WOW. Wow. I am so jealous. And inspired! I've been thinking about starting a batch since we've warmed up here a little this weekend, and now I am bound and determined to go buy seed tomorrow at my favorite nursery.... Thanks! And Gesundheit!

Christine said...

Tina, I have done the wintersow thing, this happens to be the first year, and I only started them a week ago. I only have five right now, I need more plastic bottles!

Diana, I am praying everyone else here doesn't get it, because if they do I'll most likely get it back two or three times!

Thanks for visiting!

Sherry said...

OK. I'm REALLY behind now! Look at all those seedlings! If you have left overs, just ship them my way - OK?

I dont' think you got the cold from me -- My internet has not worked for 3 days - it's been sheer torture. I've missed visiting your blog!

Christine said...

I actually lived in Indiana for five years(Kokomo, worked in Indy), and still have a friend in Noblesville. I sent a box to her last year. Thats one of the fun parts, giving all my extras away!