Thursday, January 31, 2008

Snow Day!

Guess what we got? Snow, and a ton of it! We were supposed to get 5-7 inches, and we got that plus some, and it just started snowing again. Oh goodie. The kids were out of school due to the powdery white stuff, so it's been one of those 'I haven't got anything done' days. I guess I did manage to get a little done, I got my seeds ordered from two of the heirloom seed companies I found. I can't wait to get started sowing my tomatoe and pepper seeds. I took inventory of the seedlings yesterday, just to put on paper the number of each kind of plant that I have. I will post the numbers when I move them all to the greenhouse, hopefully later next month.

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Sherry said...

Our snow fizzled out. We got less than an inch of slushy stuff, not quite ice, not quite snow. I guess all of the snow was dropped in Kansas and there was nothing left of the storm by the time it reached us. We've yet to have a snow deep enough to play in this year. AND it's gloomy today, so that means spring is right around the corner- yeah!!!