Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Spring is 57 days away!

I love seeing those counters on other peoples blogs that say only so many days till spring. Today they said 57 more days. It won't get here quick enough, February seems like the longest month of the year sometimes. But then again 57 days might not be enough time for me to get everything finished before spring. Saturday is supposed to be 47 degrees, and Sunday is supposed to be 55 degrees. I HAVE to get all those bulbs in the ground. I also hope to finish the arbor. Or arbors as it might be. Oops. I'm telling on myself. I have decide that my pea trellis is either going to be longer, with not just two 'sides' but three or four. Or I'm going to leave the two posts with the branches started, and simply move the other one, and put it further over, with another post, making two free-standing walls, so to speak. Maybe three free-standing walls. HHhhhhhmmm.
Gotta go, have to go get milk before I have to get the kids. Taking five kids to the grocery store is just no fun.

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