Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Vegetable Garden Plan I

Well at least it's a different garden this time. But to be honest this is the second sketch I made. I'm a visual person, so I have to see it on paper to really be sure it's exactly what I want. The only reason I did it now was because I want to make sure I order enough seeds.

I can't even begin to imagine how much money I have spent on seeds over the years, but I do have a plan this year. I have never been very comfortable saving seeds, but I saved a lot of flower seeds last year, and I'm feeling more confident in that area. So I am ordering as many open-polinated and heirloom seeds as I can, with hopes of saving seeds from as much as possible. The pink highlights are the all-season vegetables, and the yellow highlights indicate the ones I will be sowing in spring and again in fall. I didn't have much of a fall garden last year, and I really regret it. It's sounds so funny to say last year, it was just four monthes ago!!!
I guess I'll have to continue this tomorrow, my oldest is dying to get on the computer, and I'm not sure I could move his 6'1" body if he did. Has anyone else planned their vegetable garden for next year?


Vee said...

Goodness!!! Hahahahahaha !!
You are so organized! I do like the new plan? How much are you goingto tear out to redo?

Christine said...
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Sherry said...

Wow. You are organized! I have a plan in my head, but nothing down on paper. Last year we went to raised beds which worked out well, but I think they are too close together. I'm toying with the idea of delaying planting season in order to tear the beds apart and redo them further apart. Until I make that decision, I am immobilized......

Master's Cottage Gardener said...

Well planned! I've had incredible trouble laying out my garden, but for 2009 I've sworn to be more systematic about it.

I've planted over 3000+ sq ft of crops, and harvested (haphazardly), saved seed (which then rotted before the next year), grown mushrooms (which were tasty, but I didnt think of saving the spawn, and now the source I'd bought from is out of business) - last year (2007). In 2008 I was forced to cut down on the crop - but now 2009 is my chance!

Any suggestions? I'm all ears. You can review my garden at - let me know!