Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Huge Pumpkins and Asparagus Seed

As of today, I have started 125 different packets of seeds total. I guess at least 10 of those were seed that I had saved from my yard, so technically some were envelopes of seeds. I have 600 little pots, of which are 28 different kinds of perennials and one annual. To add to that count I have 31 other different kinds of perennials that have grown, and two different annuals. These aren't in the original plant count because I don't count the individual plants until they are transplanted to the little 3 ounce cups. I have wintersown 25 different packets, 20 perennials and 5 annuals. I don't have 25 jugs outside, I cheated a little and squeezed two different packets in some. I just 'seperated' the soil into two different sides with plastic spoons, and made sure I marked what was on each side.

I have three different kinds of seeds started for the vegetable garden: asparagus, tomatoes, and peppers. I started six different kinds of tomatoes (all but one are open-pollinated, the grape tomatoes), seven sweet peppers and two hot peppers. I have one more packet of hot peppers to start.

I bought a packet of those gigantic pumpkin seeds, I though it would be fun for the kids to watch a couple of those grow this summer. I remember reading somewhere that the people who get them really big have to start them really early, but I'm not sure exactly HOW early. I also remember something about them needing a lot of water. HHhhmmmmmm. Going to have to work something out for that.

You may be wondering what I'm going to do with all these plants. After I plant what I want I give the rest away. I have lots of family that loves this little infatuation I have with starting plants. I have a theory, I can buy one plant for $7-8, or I can grow 20-30 from a $1-3 packet of seeds. I tried to keep a list of all the money I have invested this year, but I'm afraid I got busy and haven't kept up with the tally. It would be interesting to see what the price per plant would be.


Tina said...

Holy crap! And I though I was obsessed with sprouting things! lol. Go you!
BTW, Nickie, over at Girl Gone Gardening is hosting her own informal giant pumpkin growing contest. Might be fun for the kids to kick some adult butt? lol.


The Zoo said...

I'm wondering if there is still room in your house for you and your crew? Are there little paths between the rows and rows of little seedlings? LOL!!

You could start a business selling to locals. Too bad you live so far away.........

Nickie said...

lots of tiny cups.......how do you keep the cats from destroying/eatting/playing/sleeping on them?

Glickster said...

For more about unusual Perennials:


Christine said...

Tina, I already signed in for Nickie's contest, I can't wait to see all the pumpkins!
Sherry, it's getting really close, and I'm trying my hardest to keep it all contained!

Nickie, I have even started reusing the cups once I transplant them into bigger pots. Oh my, it's still a lot of little cups.

glickster, thanks for the site! I may have to wait til next year to buy any plants, though.

Robin (Bumblebee) said...

Whoa. That's a lotta seeds. I can't find your zone or garden size. Must be a big one. I'm in zone 7 and will probably start my seeds in a couple of weeks.

Robin at Bumblebee