Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Nick and the Frig.

Yes, thats my oldest, and yes, thats the refrigerator. I thought it was a good picture, and I thought it was appropriate since he's the reason I can't post a new picture, and have to use this one that I took last week. You see, I reliquished the batteries from my camera for his MP3. At least it wasn't cash!!!!!
Every year, I'm bummed when my tomato and pepper plants aren't as big as the ones from the stores. I know I shouldn't be, as I know mine aren't over-fertilized junkies. But still, in an attempt to bridge the gap in sizes a bit I started them a little early, on the 10th, and today I had to transplant them into little cups. Wow, that was fast. I am officially out of trays, and I have so many that I hate to buy any more. I have a few cat litter boxes, a bunch of foil pans, some thin plastic ones made for holding peat pots (I don't use them much anymore), one old cake pan, and some of those plastic trays you get from the garden centers. I have quite a collection, I can't believe I need more. I'm going to have to the store and get some of those short boxes cases of pop and canned goods come in. If I line them with foil, they should be water-proof, don't you think?


Diana said...

Christine -- Nice photo of your son - you've got big and little ones, like me, too, but you have in-between ones, too, and I just have the 2 - 24 and 5! OMIGOSH - I can't get over your seeds. You need to come give me lessons. I have literally 11 seedlings and that's less and 1/2 what I planted. Many did not come up and now that they are hitting the little plastic ceiling I am not sure what to do with them. I took the nasturtiums out of the cloche and they immediately wanted to die. They are in peat pots so I think they got dry within hours. What do I do with them so they live when I transplant them to bigger pots? Help??!!

Christine said...

Hey Diana! It sounds like your seeds are getting dried out. Thats the reason I don't use the peat pots on anything I don't have to. (I do for vines and squash) I found that they dried out too quickly. I start my seeds in these reusuable strophome propagators from Gardeners Supply Co. I've been using the same ones for years. They have a water resavoir and a wicking system that keeps the seeds perfectly moist. I wait til they get a couple of leaves and transplant them to little plastic bathroom cups. (with a hole in the bottom) I use a perminent marker to write the name on the side of the cup. If the plants are hitting the lid, go ahead and take it off. You could even transplant them to strophome coffee cups now, they won't dry out near an quickly as peat does. Good luck, I hope they live!

Diana said...

Ok - I'm gonna venture into the repotting zone tomorrow. I've been too afraid since they tried to die on me. I'll try your suggestions and watch out for them drying out. Cross your fingers! And now I think I'll plant some more seeds, too, because this is getting me nowhere fast!

Sherry at the Zoo said...

What a cute picture. Boys that age live in front of the fridge, don't they?

I'm always amazed at the amount of seedlings you have. Everytime I visit your blog, my mind is boggled!

Have a good weekend.

Robin (Bumblebee) said...

Gotta love those boys, don't you? Mine is 16 and 6'4. I absolutely dote on him.

Robin at Bumblebee