Tuesday, February 26, 2008

One heat lamp away from freezing

I know it's kinda dark, but here is my two younger boys helping Daddy construct the walls to the chicken coop in the garage over the weekend. Sat. morning we loaded all the scrap metal around the yard onto the truck and he took it to the junk yard to sell, and took that money and bought wood for the coop. Killed two birds with one stone, since we really needed to clean up the yard anyway.
Yesterday I moved a LOT of plants (all the ones that had been transplanted into the larger cups) into the greenhouse. With the heat lamp on Sunday night it only got down to 44 degrees, but last night it was bit colder, and it dipped down to 34, but everything still looks fine. As soon as the temp gets to 55 today, I'll unplug the lamp.
And this is how it looks after I moved the other plants out. It still looks like a lot, but now I can actually walk about the room, but I DO need to transplant some seedlings today, so maybe not for long.

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Sherry at the Zoo said...

It looks so nice and organized. Your hard work is going to pay off big time this summer.