Sunday, February 10, 2008

Three Trellis' and Seventy-five Holes

Hey Sherry! Here is one of our cats. He is the prettiest of the bunch, and also the toughest.
Here are two pictures of the branch trellis' I finished on Saturday. The picture doesn't do it justice. The three are all set at different angles, and set that way to let some light through, but not too much. It gets quite hot here during the summer, and I am trying to make a spot for the lupines, astilbes, and delphiniums that is rather sheltered. The plan is to grow three different kinds of sweet peas then follow with morning glories and moonflower vines. Where I am standing to take the second picture I am facing due South, and there is a large tree just to the right and behind me. My little rock bench will be a very nice place to rest this summer after weeding flower beds, don't you think?
And here is the reason for my sore shoulders today. I ordered my fruit bushes and vines from Pense Nursery last week. This is the second time I have ordered from them, and I must say, he was SO nice, and very helpful. The first time I ordered was a year ago in early fall, and got my order in November. I have ordered fruit bushes from at least four different companies over the years, and I have to say the plants from Pense were the biggest and nicest I have encountered. I couldn't believe how big the blueberry bushes were. I ordered 25 plants each of three different kinds, so here are my seventy-five holes. I also ordered more currants, gooseberries, blueberries, and a few more blackberries. I ordered a lot of strawberries in the first order, and with all the runners I have plenty (for now). If you look to the left in the picture you might catch a glimpse of my elderberry bushes that I also got with the first order. I moved all my grapes, they are directly to the left of where I am standing. It will make more sense, later, I hope, when everything has leaves.
Do you like the split-log bench my hubby made for me? He made four, so we could give one each to our Mother's on Mother's Day, and I get TWO, YEAH!!!!!

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Sherry said...

I see him! I see your cat!

I also see your trellis! All the work you do is making me feel tired...and guilty! I haven't done anything outdoors yet. It's 7 degrees out there! I wish I were in Kansas seems to be warmer there!

We have two little blueberry bushes. They grow the sweetest blueberries - all 7 berries they produce each year - LOL! It's something I would love to grow more of, but I don't have enough sunshine in my yard :-(