Saturday, February 2, 2008

Tom's Midnight Garden

Last week (I think), I made a comment on Mr. McGregor's daughter's blog about liking a certain children's tape for the cartoon garden in it. (Peter Rabbit, of course) She suggested that I watch a recent movie, 'Miss Potter', because it had some really nice garden's in it. I talked my hubby into picking it up at the Blockbuster in the next town, and watched it as soon as he got it home. It was really good, but it made me think of another movie that had really good garden scenes, 'Tom's Midnight Garden'. I taped it years ago, and it is presently loaned out to my Mom, but I wanted to tell you when it was made, so I googled it. I was shocked to find out that it was made into a movie in 1999, but the version I have is one of the three made by the BBC (in 1968, 1974, and 1988.) I also have one version of 'The Secret Garden', and my Mom has yet another version, which both of them have the greatest garden scenes in the end, of course.

The reviews for the newest Tom's movie indicate the garden scenes in it are lacking, but now I must see it for myself! Has anyone else heard of this movie? Or do you have any other suggestions for movies with great garden scenes?


Sherry said...

I have not heard of "Tom's Midnight Garden" but I almost picked up the Miss Potter movie last I'm kicking myself for not getting it.

My children have recently discovered the book "The Secret Garden" and loved the movie as well. It's one of our favorites!

Diana said...

Thanks for the list of recommendations -- something fun to do one night -- I must admit, I never thought of watching a movie to see the gardens. It's a great idea. Thanks for adding me to your list!