Monday, March 31, 2008


The daffodils are really blooming up a storm right now. The ones I planted in front back in January are not blooming very heavy. I think they would have bloomed better if I had planted them in fall, but since I didn't buy them until Jan, I'll just have to wait until next year.
And here are a patch of my grape hyacinths- every yard needs some of these!
I planted some sweet peas under all three of my new trellis', and if you look in the very middle of the photo, you can see some of them coming up! I've been checking for them daily, and was very excited to see some progress. Hurry little sweet pea, hurry!
And here is the reason all my photos here have the flash in them. I didn't think about getting photos today until it was almost too late.
Big news!! Tonight my 11 year-old daughter made dinner, all by herself. Tuna helper and frozen corn (I bought the tuna helper just for this). It wasn't completely home-made like I usually make, but I thought it was a wonderful place to start. She and I were BOTH very proud.

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