Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Pense Nursery Shipment

I tried for a moment to come up with a better title, but honestly, I'm just too tired. It's spring break week here, and it rained both Mon and Tues. (Need I say more?) Today was nice, but muddy. I planted peas, potatoes, and cabbage. I washed and hung up four loads on the line, and when Jeff got home we drove a half hour away to take down a 6 foot tall by hundred foot around chicken pen to bring home. It's actually funny, we started taking down the end they put up first, and I took out a ton of huge metal staples, and I thought it was going to be a long evening. But as we went along, the staples got further and further apart. Hehehe, they got tired of putting them in, just as I was getting tired of taking them out! But the price was right, she just wanted to get it out of her way. One of the horizontal boards must have been bent inward then nailed into place, one of the ones at the top of course, because when I used the bar to pry it off, it flew out and hit me- right in the nose. Wow, my nose bled, and it hurts a bit. I can laugh about it now, because everyone was too busy to see it happen, but it had to have looked funny.
Last Friday I planted the majority of the broccoli plants, then it rained and rained, so I'll just have to wait and see how they turn out. Yesterday I spent two hours digging a ditch for rainwater, my yard was flooding quicker than usual, and it turned out the farmer to the east plowed the ditch under last fall, so I had to redig the entire thing! It is just entirely too early to be this sore.
I planted my huge pumpkin plants in peat pots the other day. I planted all six seeds, and if they all grow I'm going to have to find someone to share with, I do not need that many huge pumpkins. But I can't wait to watch them grow this summer. I know, I usually don't like peat pots, but there are some plants you simply have to use them for. Pumpkins just happen to be one of them.
I feel bad, I haven't even told you the best news- I got my berry bushes and canes in from Pense Nursery!!!! It's just like Christmas, and as sore as I am, I still can't wait to get them planted. Here's what I got:
25 Nova red raspberry
25 Heritage red raspberry
25 Fall Gold yellow raspberry
3 Crandall black currants
3 Red Lake currants
3 White Imperial currants
3 Pixwell gooseberries
3 Invinca white gooseberries
3 Blue Crop blueberries
5 Apache blackberries

I know it sound like a lot, this is what I got to spend out of our income tax refund, and I spent under $200. Really, Pense Nursery is the way to go.
I bought the blackberries to fill in spots in my rows. I have some currants and gooseberries, I simply wanted more. The raspberries are replacing a patch that drowned last year. In the fall I plan to order some black and some purple raspberries, they were simply out of them by the time I ordered this year.


Katie said...

That's a ton of plants! Can't wait to see them the ground! :0)

Sherry at the Zoo said...

OK. When are you going to find time to plant ALL of those...along with everything else?

Diana said...

you have been busy. And with that plant order, you're going to be even busier still. But if you are excited about it, it will be fun, right? And there is such a thing as "good" sore if you can smile with a sense of accomplishment when you're done. That's how it makes me feel. Sorry 'bout your nose though - ouch!