Sunday, March 23, 2008

To garlic or not to garlic

Here is my garlic, just poking it's head up. Behind it is the three rows of potatoes I planted. I planted one 70 foot row each of three different potatoes: Kennebec, Cobbler, and Red Pontiac. Now all I need is some green beans and we'll be in business! My husband loves it when I can fix a pressure cooker full of fresh green beans, new potatoes, onions, and bacon. Sounds good, doesn't it?I'm trying to grow a cow. No, not REALLY! I used a small screw driver to punch a hole in each one, and 'planted' it half-ways in the ground. I'm going to plant a tomatoe beside each one, right next to the hole, so I can send the kids down the row to water, and I know they will each get enough, and the plant will get all the moisture. I started 'planting' them so that I could plant cool-season crops around them, and not have to disturb them when it is time to plant the tomatoes. The first row has spinach planted on both sides of the jugs all the way down the row, and the second row I started planting lettuce around.
The chicken coop is mostly finished!! Jeff even got the roosts inside done, and the chickens moved into it on Sat. The door and trim is painted, but the siding is going to be yellow when it warms up a bit.
Yesterday I got started on the onions, but I didn't get done. There is a chance of rain the next few days, hopefuly I can get them in the ground before it rains roo much.


Tina said...

Wow, Christine!
Do you ever sleep? lol.
At this rate you won't have a darn thing to do come summer...won't that be nice.
Yeah, I know - the list is never ending and there will never be 'nothing to do'.

Christine said...

Tina, I was SOSOSOSO tired this morning, and didn't do much of anything but a little laundry. Does that make you feel better? I even took a short nap with Emily, isn't that pathetic??? I know it seems like I work a lot, but I have simply learned to work very quickly when I have the opportunity to work outside.

Sherry at the Zoo said...

Wow! Do you can alot of your produce? Do you sell some? Give some away? What do you do with all that???