Thursday, April 17, 2008

Beginning the Herb Garden

I know, I know, I didn't really need another project to start, but I couldn't help it. Really, I tried to fight off the deep, embedded desire. I have always wanted an herb garden, but have never had the room. This house has plenty of room, so I mapped out and tilled up a spot yesterday. It's 25 feet by 25 feet, with 2 1/2 foot pathways dissecting it. In the center I also cut the corners, so there is a larger space for some architecterial element (have no idea what it's going to be, though). I'm going to plant lavender all the way around it, to help distinguish it from the flower bed it butts up against.
Notice the pot in the center? Some time last weekend my 8 year old son dug up some wild onion from somewhere, and yesterday when I wasn't watching, planted them all in that one corner of the new herb bed. I really don't want them, let alone want them in my herb garden. But I told him he did a great job (he REALLY had). I thought maybe I could till him a little spot all for himself somewhere, and convince him he needed those onions in HIS garden. What do you think, think it will work?
I have been telling my dear, sweet husband for a while how much I would LOVE those two ugly evergreens taken down. Last night he took them both down, YEAH!!!!!!!!! I had just enough time before it got dark to till the spot in front of it up for the new strawberry bed. It will also do the raspberries behind a lot of good, they will get a lot more sunlight.
There are three HUGE evergreens out back right in the middle of the orchard, and one of them is turning yellow, what a shame (hehehe). I can't imagine how many more fruit trees I will be able to plant in the area these three evergreens take up.
I have three blueberries, all ready to plant where the evergreen was. I have read that blueberries like the acidity of the needles, so I'm thinking they will love being planted right where that one was. Now all I have to do is order the strawberries. No, that's not all I'm ordering, but that's for another day.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog this morning and leaving a comment. I am glad your 2 year old really likes the pooh and tigger and thank you for the compliment on my work. I try to make the best quality product I possibly can for the customers. It looks like things are starting to come together in your garden scheme. Yes I think it would be a great thing for your son to have his on little spot for his onions and a few other things as well. As I tell people all the time here "you've got my vote"!! Have a great day!

David in Greensboro, NC said...

That's going to be an awesome garden! A herb garden is on my list of future projects too. I'm glad your son is into planting things...even if they are wild onions. I'll wager that kids who dig in the dirt grow up to be nice, well adjusted adults!

Tina said...

Holy crap, woman!
You're on a roll, but you're going to run yourself ragged at this pace. You've been running since...I can't emember when you started. lol. I'm going to start calling you the energizer bunny.
Good luck with the herb garden. I'm betting it's going to be fab.

Robin (Bumblebee) said...

Good start on the garden! I think you'll be happy that you're planning paths. Just make sure your arms are long enough to reach all the way into the beds. My arms are about 3" too short for mine!

I think a patch of garden is a great idea for a while. Sunflowers are EASY and kids adore them. They are fabulous.

Robin at Bumblebee