Thursday, April 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Nick!!!

Today is Nick's 17th birthday. He goes directly from school to a track meet, to which I am going to as soon as Jeff gets home. At the moment it is pouring down rain, lightening, thunder, the whole works. Once in a while they cancel these things in weather like this.
These pictures were taken yesterday, yes, I actually thought AHEAD!!!
Here are some of the tulips with wild hyacinths blooming behind them.
Did I mention I have a few Star of Bethlehem?

This picture is not a good one, you really can't see the hundreds of little white blooms covering the place.

A couple of weeks ago I was checking ebay, looking up plants just for fun. I found a lady from Texas that was selling rose cuttings. I've had some success with starting roses from cuttings, so I bid on five and won! Two are hardy to my zone, but the three that aren't will be either put in very large pots and moved into the greenhouse for the winter, or will get planted in the ground close to the house and get extra winter protection. But I thought it would be fun to try. I might end up with a few roses to get rid of, if all goes well. We'll just have to see. Here's the list of what I got: Duchess de Brabant, Ducher, Perle des Jardins, Cecile Brunner, and Old Blush. I would love to make a small business of rooting and selling my own root roses, it would be sososo much fun!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post and pictures. Your place is really looking spring like, almost summery. Happy birthday to Nick!! I hope you are feeling better today.