Monday, April 14, 2008

Meet Eric Kimmel

Abigail, the one on the left, won a young author award at school. For the last few years, every student in first grade through sixth gets to write a book. Then the teachers select the two best from every grade, and they get to go this conference, parents invited. There are hundreds of students at this thing, so each winner can only have two guests. Jeff elected to stay home with the kids so that I could go, and we took Tiffany. (Who won runner up, and someone didn't show, so she should have gotten to go anyway.) This was the celebrity in attendance, Eric Kimmel, who writes children's books. So that is what I did most of the day on Saturday.
Well, I guess I DID get home in time to clean out the chicken coop, lucky me. But it was very cold, so I didn't miss out on doing outside work.
I have sosososo many extra tomatoes and peppers, I am even selling some this year. How cool is that? Money to buy more plants!! I want more strawberries, the patch I have is all June bearing, and I want to get another patch started, of everbearing strawberries. No, that's not the only thing on my list, it's quite long, and if someone would just send me two hundred dollars, I could get all the fruit trees and plants bought. Then I could start working on the list of other plants I would like to have. I told myself that I couldn't get any of the roses and flowers on my list until I got all the fruit bearing bought and planted.
I'll go wait by the mailbox.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats to Abigail and I hope you had a great time. If I I had two hundred dollars I would be glad to send ot to you, BUT!!! I don't. But I'll bet you get it all done in due time.Have a great day!!