Sunday, April 6, 2008

Yellow and orange tulips

My patch of purple tulips is in full bloom, and this one just started blooming this morning. There are more to come, and if I remember right, theres a lot of red in this patch. You can see two different patches of phlox in full bloom, and a patch of pink phlox is just starting to bloom over a ways. And just to the right of the tulips is the remains of last falls mums, well, the white ones anyway. I actually spent a lot of time this last week weeding, you know, those horrible purple flowering things. I trimmed a lot of the remains of last years perennials, but obviously haven't made it through the entire bed. I am working through the flower beds, and one day I started weeding the circle of fruit bushes and strawberries in the center of the yard. I weeded, then got a load of mulch and covered what I had gotten weeded. My goal was to finish this weekend, but it just didn't happen. On Saturday my Mom invited me to go with her to Bartlesville with her. It's under an hour and a half, but just barely. It's a larger town, large enough to have a mall. But we didn't even go close to the mall. And the bonus was a town on the way to B-ville was having a city wide garage sale! We went to a bunch of garage sales, then headed on. We went to Hobby Lobby, Atwoods, Lowes, and Kmart. My Mom wanted a bistro set, and I wanted a pecan tree. I did manage to get my pecan tree, but at Lowes they had Azaleas for $1.98, and I had to get three. One white, one pink, and one red. Yes, I did too HAVE to get one. I also found two small pink mums, I have mums, but I wanted to get a couple for the new flower bed. I like having something blooming all the time, which is the reason I interplanted most of my flower beds with spring bulbs.
I love starting roses from cuttings, and I am presently considering selling rooted cuttings to fund buying more roses. Maybe not just roses. Hehehe.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the post, I really like those tulips in the picture. Azalea's for 1.98, I would say yes you HAD to have them! Have a great day and happy planting.