Wednesday, April 23, 2008

New cabinet and new chickens

I wanted to share a picture of my new china cabinet! I know, I know, the color is a little weird, but it's actually starting to grow on me, and I usually hate turquoise. It's not a great shot, I didn't get the very top molding or the bottom (there are two drawers), but I didn't feel like moving the table to get a better shot. Sorry. I still have an elephant standing on my chest today. Anyone out there who has had a cold will understand that analogy. I love being able to see all my dishes when I go through this room.
A guy Jeff works with had some three year old chickens, all mixed breeds, that he wanted to get rid of. Because of his kids, he couldn't butcher them. So he asked us if we wanted them, (of course we did) so Jeff brought them home last night. Here is a picture of our newest 15 members to the family. Yes, there is one rooster in the pack, and my, is he a pretty one!!
With the most of the family's help, I got the tomatoes planted. Well, most of them, anyway. Jeff buried the jugs, Tyler filled the dirt in around them, Timmy smoothed out the rows, Tiffany planted the tomato plants, Abby wrote the names of the tomatoes on the jugs with permanent marker, and everyone watered. What did I do? I helped anyone who got behind. I had started this earlier in the day, but boy, did it ever go faster with help. There are 82 planted, and I have to get 10 more jugs to plant the rest. I want to save seeds this year, and in past years I have had problems with knowing which plant is what variety. So I thought writing the names on the jugs they are planted beside would work.


Meryl said...

Do you put the jugs around the tomato plants or next to them? What are they for exactly?

Christine said...

I put a small hole in one side almost to the bottom, and buried the jug halfway into the ground. I planted the tomato on the side where the hole is, so when I water, I can just fill up the jug, and the plant will get all the water, and I will know exactly how much each plant is getting. My Mom did this last year, this will be my first year in trying it.

Meryl said...

Sounds like a good idea--thanks for explaining!

Sherry at the Zoo said...

What do you do with all those tomatos? Do you sell them? Can them? Use them in tomato fights?