Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Track and Flood

I spent the last part of yesterday at Nick's track meet. This picture was taken right before we left, sometime around seven-thirty. Look at the guy to the left of Nick, does that tell you what the temperature was like? Anyway, our school doesn't usually go to track meets in this town, it is quite a bit bigger than where we live. But he did very well, he placed first in the mile. Yeah Nick!!!! Isn't he handsome?
It started to rain this afternoon, and it wasn't quite dry from the last rain, anyway, this is what the very back part of our yard looked like at 6:30 pm.

And this one I took a half hour later, from the back door. I went out at eight to take some more pictures, but the pictures are pretty dark. By then the water was up into the garden by fifteen-twenty feet, but it was going over the road, so it probably won't get any worse.

If your wondering, I have been trying to get the city's attention in this matter for two years, to no avail. These pictures are for the city administrator, and if that doesn't work, the city council, the mayor, maybe even our senator. I'm tired of being ignored. Do you blame me?

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Anonymous said...

No I don't blame you at all. Kepp after them all until something is done. You've got my vote.