Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Computer's demise

My computer crashed. No kidding. I have no idea when I will be able to get it fixed, and our 'stimulus' check won't arrive until July, so I'll just have to figure something out.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Climbing roses

This Golden Celebration really is a celebration right now. Sorry about the pun, I just couldn't resist! Here's another view of the trellis's/arbors I built. I planted a white climber- Sombreuil- to climb up one side of the one on the left.
Queen Elizabeth in the foreground, and I really think the one behind it is Pink Don Juan. You know the story behind that already. The Queen has really large blooms, I don't remember them being so large last year! On one of the posts to this middle structure I have an America climber planted, but it isn't looking very happy. Okay, so it looks awful. I'm going to move it somewhere else, when I figure out where, and plant a very light pink blooming climber in it's place. It's sad, I can't just throw it out, I just can't!! And this is the Rainbow's End I showed you a couple of posts back. I wanted you to see the change in color. It was bright yellow, and now most of the blooms are mainly a dark pink or red color. It will look spectacular in bloom once it climbs the arbor, won't it?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The trellis's that anger built

I'm afraid I can't take credit for the cute title, that was simply my sisters response when I told her about building them. You see, in my family we have one trait that seems to be passed from generation to generation. When we're mad, we work the hardest. I won't tell why or who I was mad at, but I will tell you I was absolutely furious Saturday night, and so I went out and collected the leftover branches from when we took down the cedar trees, and built these. I collected, planned, laid it all out, sawed, and nailed all six of the pieces together all Saturday night. I was so mad I even went and got a lantern and kept going when it was dark. I let Nick and Jeff help me put it together Sunday afternoon, after I was cooled down. I already have a climbing rose to plant on each one. All the structures in my garden are rustic, so I think these two beauties fit right in. I think a picture from on top of the house would help to see where these fit in, so I might just have to drag the ladder out tomorrow and get a couple of shots.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

A stroll through the roses

First, I have an announcement to make!!!!!! My son, Nick, has qualified to go to state in Track. He will be running the 300 Meter Hurdles next Saturday. Yeah, Nick!!!!!!!!
Here is the miniature climber - Jeanne La Joie.
And this is the miniature climber- Rainbow's End. Here is a fairly bad picture of my climbing Crown Princess Margareta. Last year I planted some Love-in-a-Mist around the bush, and not one came up. I thought oh well, and was planning to try something different this year when all the sudden they decided to grow! I'm sad to say I really don't like them here, either.

And here is a fairly decent shot of Abraham Darby.
Today I ate my lunch on the back porch, the yard is so full of flowers I couldn't help but sit out and enjoy it a while. There is so much in bloom, I have to share a picture of my Canterbury Bells when they get in full bloom. The Sweet William's are covered, and the Phlox and Foxgloves are in full bloom, and the Iris's are almost finished. Tomorrow I really must get some recent shots of the vegetable garden. It has been beautiful here the last couple of days, and the tomatoes and peppers are starting to perk up and grow now that they have gotten a bit of sunshine. And if I finish getting it nailed together I'll share the little project I started tonight, and the story behind it.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Countryside Roses

I found this wonderful little place on-line for roses. They sell own root roses, old fashioned and new. Right now they are having a buy three, get one free sale!!! They are really great looking rose bushes, a few were even in bloom! I couldn't believe how much bigger they were than the ones I had ordered from ******** a year and a half ago. If nothing else, you HAVE to stop by and check out their virtual tour! I'll give you a list of the new roses another time, I'd like to make a list of all of the roses I have one of these days and make a whole post about it.

Here's the once blooming, smells like heaven, came with the house roses. Aren't they pretty? I realize I need to do something about their growing situation. They are growing inches from the house, and don't have a trellis. I have just recently come up with a solution for them, I just have to get the materials and do it.

I saved this for last for a reason. My oldest son gave this for me for Mother's Day. He had told me some time back that he wouldn't have the money to get me anything, and I was okay with that. And here he ended up getting me one of those things I have ALWAYS wanted, but have never bought myself. I love the way it sounds when the wind gently rolls through it. Every time I stepped outside to put clothes on the clothesline on Monday (and all week, for that matter) I heard it and had to smile from ear to ear. I love it, THANK YOU NICK!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Roses are coming!

I know, I know, this first picture isn't one of roses. But aren't the foxgloves pretty? I definitely want more of these next year. They are supposed to reseed, but if they don't I have already decided to help them out.
Here is 'Zepherine Droughin' - yes, I do know the names of my roses, at least. This is it's second year, like most of the own root roses blooming this year. The smell of these is wonderful, but doesn't match the old ones growing along the side of the house. (Came with the house, will have to get a picture tomorrow.)
The Sweet Williams are beginning their show, and I do love these long-blooming plants! They aren't even all the way open yet, but they are already a sight!
This rose is Blue Moon. No, really, it is. That's what my Mom ordered, anyway. She ordered two, one for each of us, and I think hers is pink, too. But it's okay, this one sure is trying to earn it's keep, right now it's really out blooming everything else! The Crown Princess Margarette is close behind, though. Maybe if the sun stays out tomorrow long enough that one will be in full bloom.
I started on a happy note, but will have to end on a sad one. This morning I went to the funeral of a 7 year old boy who died in a four-wheeler accident. I wasn't doing too bad, then I saw the Mothers heart-wrenching face. The little boy was her and her husbands oldest of four, and he passed away on Saturday. I had to fight this huge urge to stop off at the school on the way home simply to give my Timmy a hug, they were so close in age. Please remember this family in your prayers.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Nicky's Iris's

First of all, I wanted to wish each and every Mom out there a Happy Mother's Day. I hope yours has been as wonderful as mine. My Mom came over early and went to church with us, we had a great dinner, we went to Nicky's and walked throught the Iris's, then at my MOTHERS insistance, we went to Sunflower Farms, our local nursery (but I sure didn't put up a fight). In between it all we enjoyed the yard, looking around at everything that was blooming.
Here's the pictures of Nicky's yard. I asked how many varieties she has, and she said- over 500, and you know what, I didn't doubt her for a minute. She has Iris's in every square foot of soil available all around her house. To one side there is the side yard, (here in the pictures),but also by the back door, behind the garage, all along the other side of the garage and house, the front yard, even a bit in the neighbor's yard. I kid you not, everything but under the short tree in front is covered.

Here's proof- my Mom went with me!! Too bad she had her back to me.

Here's a picture from almost to the back looking toward the front. My camera's battery went dead after this and I couldn't take anymore pictures. But I'm sure you get the idea. It''s so pretty right now, it's hard to decide which ones to write down on my list of wants for Nicky. I started a list, but I didn't give it to her yet, I need to scale it down just a bit. She only charges $1- 3 for each one, mostly closer to the $2 and under, and I try to keep what I spend to around $20 a year.
Thursday night Jeff said we would wait and find a small tiller at an auction this summer, but ended up surprising me with one on Friday after work. It was so easy to use, and I got so much of the garden tilled through in no time. The old one we had Jeff got at an auction very cheap, and it didn't work much. I am completely thrilled to have this one. My weeding chores in the garden are not completely abolished, but that tiller sure makes it all a lot easier!! Thank you, Jeff!!!!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Clematis in bloom

Here's two clematis' that I have planted beside one end of the clothesline. They didn't bloom last year, but this year they're blooming up a storm. I have a white one planted up by the porch, and another one the same lilac color as the one here over by the garage. I look in catalogs, and they have some very beautiful ones. Just something else to put on my 'list of plant wishes'. I know, I know, most people will list the name of the plant with the picture. Sorry, one of these days I'll have the time to update my plant notebook and will then consider doing it also. But in consolation, here's another shot of the lilac purple one.

I rained and rained here the last two days. After feeding and watering the chickens and putting the clothes on the clothesline, I made a quick walk through the garden. The wonders of nature do in trance me so. Everything I have planted thus far has at least a couple of little green leaves pushing through the soil. I know gardening isn't like rocket science, but sometimes it makes me want to yell- 'look, look, I planted THAT'. Of course it takes the wind out of my sails when I happen to notice the hundreds of other little green things coming up, that will have to be hoed out as soon as its dry. Weeds. Tons and tons of them. Jeff hoed the garden some last week, and he has now decided that with the rebate check we really should replace the small tiller I used to go in between the rows until it quit working last year. YEAH!! That SO works for me.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Hooray for the Iris's

I have three main patches of iris', and here is the one up by the porch. I know you can't see it, because it's not in full bloom yet, but I have a black one getting ready to bloom. There is one patch I didn't take a picture of that was planted behind the garage when we moved in. The entire patch is a grey/white color.
I didn't get close enough to this patch, but it's been raining and I didn't want to get off the brick pathway. The old fashioned phlox in front is beautiful right now. I will spare you the torture of looking of pictures of my rose buds that are getting ready to bloom, but it's looking to be a show-stopping sight. Sometime this week I'll take you on a field trip. There is a lady here in town that has hundreds of Iris's. No, I'm not kidding. I stopped by last weekend, but the majority were still budding and not yet blooming. Right now is the time to walk around and decide which ones you would like, and write them down, and she will dig the extras and sell them in a month. Yes, I already have a list started......

Friday, May 2, 2008

New Strawberry Bed

Can you see it, can you, can you???? Okay, I guess I'll probably have to tell you what it is. Wednesday we got a box, and I simply put it inside on the table thinking it was for Jeff. He didn't touch it when he got home, and I figured out it was MINE. Oops. It was my strawberry plants, rhubarb roots, and blackberry plants. I quickly planted 50, and finished the other 150 yesterday. I planted them in this new bed, I made a circle with rocks, (yes, I need to get some bigger ones, and more at that) and planted them inside the circle, and when it was filled, I planted them outside around the circle. This will make much more sense when they start greening up. I also got two different varieties of watermelon and two different varieties of cantaloupe planted in the garden. Oh, and yes, those are bachelor buttons growing at the bottom of the picture. I planted them around my surprise lilies, and now I just need to figure out what I'm going to plant here after the buttons die down. Maybe cleome? Or zinnias? I have some new striped marigolds this year. HHHhhhhhmmmm, something to decide.

I have had several questions about my milk jugs lately, so I thought I would explain what they are for- for everybody. I put a small hole in each one almost to the bottom, and 'planted' it halfway in the ground. I planted a tomato beside each one, right beside the hole. This summer I can send the kids down each row with a hose to water them, and I know they will water each one enough, and the plant will get all the water. My Mom did this last year, and I thought I would try it this year. Plus, I figured I could put some Miracle grow in each jug before they water once in a while.

I am SO tired today, I'm afraid I might not get much done this morning, except the grocery shopping. It rained quite a bit last night, so the only thing I could do today is pull weeds in the flower beds, something I might do later this afternoon. I have a hundred little trees in the flower beds right now, something my Mom loves to raz me about. I really do have to get them dig out before she comes again.