Thursday, May 8, 2008

Clematis in bloom

Here's two clematis' that I have planted beside one end of the clothesline. They didn't bloom last year, but this year they're blooming up a storm. I have a white one planted up by the porch, and another one the same lilac color as the one here over by the garage. I look in catalogs, and they have some very beautiful ones. Just something else to put on my 'list of plant wishes'. I know, I know, most people will list the name of the plant with the picture. Sorry, one of these days I'll have the time to update my plant notebook and will then consider doing it also. But in consolation, here's another shot of the lilac purple one.

I rained and rained here the last two days. After feeding and watering the chickens and putting the clothes on the clothesline, I made a quick walk through the garden. The wonders of nature do in trance me so. Everything I have planted thus far has at least a couple of little green leaves pushing through the soil. I know gardening isn't like rocket science, but sometimes it makes me want to yell- 'look, look, I planted THAT'. Of course it takes the wind out of my sails when I happen to notice the hundreds of other little green things coming up, that will have to be hoed out as soon as its dry. Weeds. Tons and tons of them. Jeff hoed the garden some last week, and he has now decided that with the rebate check we really should replace the small tiller I used to go in between the rows until it quit working last year. YEAH!! That SO works for me.


Anonymous said...

That is a very pretty clematis in the pictures you posted. Gardening is alot of fun and very good therapy on those long stressful days. I am glad everything is coming up good for you. It rained here last night and this morning also. I hope you don't have problems there at the cottage garden with flooding. Thanks for stopping by my blog from time to time and saying hi. I don't know how interesting my posts are but I love doing it. Have a wonderful day!

Babs said...

I love that you call the clematis 'the lilac purple one.'

I'm very particular about a plant while I'm picking it out, but then after it's in the ground for a week or two the 'proper' name goes right out of my head. I suppose I could write them down...but I don't really plant to start doing that :)