Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Climbing roses

This Golden Celebration really is a celebration right now. Sorry about the pun, I just couldn't resist! Here's another view of the trellis's/arbors I built. I planted a white climber- Sombreuil- to climb up one side of the one on the left.
Queen Elizabeth in the foreground, and I really think the one behind it is Pink Don Juan. You know the story behind that already. The Queen has really large blooms, I don't remember them being so large last year! On one of the posts to this middle structure I have an America climber planted, but it isn't looking very happy. Okay, so it looks awful. I'm going to move it somewhere else, when I figure out where, and plant a very light pink blooming climber in it's place. It's sad, I can't just throw it out, I just can't!! And this is the Rainbow's End I showed you a couple of posts back. I wanted you to see the change in color. It was bright yellow, and now most of the blooms are mainly a dark pink or red color. It will look spectacular in bloom once it climbs the arbor, won't it?

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