Thursday, May 15, 2008

Countryside Roses

I found this wonderful little place on-line for roses. They sell own root roses, old fashioned and new. Right now they are having a buy three, get one free sale!!! They are really great looking rose bushes, a few were even in bloom! I couldn't believe how much bigger they were than the ones I had ordered from ******** a year and a half ago. If nothing else, you HAVE to stop by and check out their virtual tour! I'll give you a list of the new roses another time, I'd like to make a list of all of the roses I have one of these days and make a whole post about it.

Here's the once blooming, smells like heaven, came with the house roses. Aren't they pretty? I realize I need to do something about their growing situation. They are growing inches from the house, and don't have a trellis. I have just recently come up with a solution for them, I just have to get the materials and do it.

I saved this for last for a reason. My oldest son gave this for me for Mother's Day. He had told me some time back that he wouldn't have the money to get me anything, and I was okay with that. And here he ended up getting me one of those things I have ALWAYS wanted, but have never bought myself. I love the way it sounds when the wind gently rolls through it. Every time I stepped outside to put clothes on the clothesline on Monday (and all week, for that matter) I heard it and had to smile from ear to ear. I love it, THANK YOU NICK!

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Diana said...

Aw - that's a sweet story about your son. I have a garden full of little garden do-dads that mine has given me over the years and they are so precious. Now you will think of him every time those chimes play their song for you - how nice.