Friday, May 2, 2008

New Strawberry Bed

Can you see it, can you, can you???? Okay, I guess I'll probably have to tell you what it is. Wednesday we got a box, and I simply put it inside on the table thinking it was for Jeff. He didn't touch it when he got home, and I figured out it was MINE. Oops. It was my strawberry plants, rhubarb roots, and blackberry plants. I quickly planted 50, and finished the other 150 yesterday. I planted them in this new bed, I made a circle with rocks, (yes, I need to get some bigger ones, and more at that) and planted them inside the circle, and when it was filled, I planted them outside around the circle. This will make much more sense when they start greening up. I also got two different varieties of watermelon and two different varieties of cantaloupe planted in the garden. Oh, and yes, those are bachelor buttons growing at the bottom of the picture. I planted them around my surprise lilies, and now I just need to figure out what I'm going to plant here after the buttons die down. Maybe cleome? Or zinnias? I have some new striped marigolds this year. HHHhhhhhmmmm, something to decide.

I have had several questions about my milk jugs lately, so I thought I would explain what they are for- for everybody. I put a small hole in each one almost to the bottom, and 'planted' it halfway in the ground. I planted a tomato beside each one, right beside the hole. This summer I can send the kids down each row with a hose to water them, and I know they will water each one enough, and the plant will get all the water. My Mom did this last year, and I thought I would try it this year. Plus, I figured I could put some Miracle grow in each jug before they water once in a while.

I am SO tired today, I'm afraid I might not get much done this morning, except the grocery shopping. It rained quite a bit last night, so the only thing I could do today is pull weeds in the flower beds, something I might do later this afternoon. I have a hundred little trees in the flower beds right now, something my Mom loves to raz me about. I really do have to get them dig out before she comes again.

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE strawberries!! I am going to plant some myself in a week or two. I don't think I will plant 200 of them though, probably just 50.
I had an old friend here in town (he's passed on now) that used the milk jug method on his tomato plants and he had great success. I remember him telling me he feed them miracle grow every 14 days and his plants and tomatoes were huge.
Once again I must say it, you must be the hardest working woman in kansas!