Sunday, May 11, 2008

Nicky's Iris's

First of all, I wanted to wish each and every Mom out there a Happy Mother's Day. I hope yours has been as wonderful as mine. My Mom came over early and went to church with us, we had a great dinner, we went to Nicky's and walked throught the Iris's, then at my MOTHERS insistance, we went to Sunflower Farms, our local nursery (but I sure didn't put up a fight). In between it all we enjoyed the yard, looking around at everything that was blooming.
Here's the pictures of Nicky's yard. I asked how many varieties she has, and she said- over 500, and you know what, I didn't doubt her for a minute. She has Iris's in every square foot of soil available all around her house. To one side there is the side yard, (here in the pictures),but also by the back door, behind the garage, all along the other side of the garage and house, the front yard, even a bit in the neighbor's yard. I kid you not, everything but under the short tree in front is covered.

Here's proof- my Mom went with me!! Too bad she had her back to me.

Here's a picture from almost to the back looking toward the front. My camera's battery went dead after this and I couldn't take anymore pictures. But I'm sure you get the idea. It''s so pretty right now, it's hard to decide which ones to write down on my list of wants for Nicky. I started a list, but I didn't give it to her yet, I need to scale it down just a bit. She only charges $1- 3 for each one, mostly closer to the $2 and under, and I try to keep what I spend to around $20 a year.
Thursday night Jeff said we would wait and find a small tiller at an auction this summer, but ended up surprising me with one on Friday after work. It was so easy to use, and I got so much of the garden tilled through in no time. The old one we had Jeff got at an auction very cheap, and it didn't work much. I am completely thrilled to have this one. My weeding chores in the garden are not completely abolished, but that tiller sure makes it all a lot easier!! Thank you, Jeff!!!!

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