Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Roses are coming!

I know, I know, this first picture isn't one of roses. But aren't the foxgloves pretty? I definitely want more of these next year. They are supposed to reseed, but if they don't I have already decided to help them out.
Here is 'Zepherine Droughin' - yes, I do know the names of my roses, at least. This is it's second year, like most of the own root roses blooming this year. The smell of these is wonderful, but doesn't match the old ones growing along the side of the house. (Came with the house, will have to get a picture tomorrow.)
The Sweet Williams are beginning their show, and I do love these long-blooming plants! They aren't even all the way open yet, but they are already a sight!
This rose is Blue Moon. No, really, it is. That's what my Mom ordered, anyway. She ordered two, one for each of us, and I think hers is pink, too. But it's okay, this one sure is trying to earn it's keep, right now it's really out blooming everything else! The Crown Princess Margarette is close behind, though. Maybe if the sun stays out tomorrow long enough that one will be in full bloom.
I started on a happy note, but will have to end on a sad one. This morning I went to the funeral of a 7 year old boy who died in a four-wheeler accident. I wasn't doing too bad, then I saw the Mothers heart-wrenching face. The little boy was her and her husbands oldest of four, and he passed away on Saturday. I had to fight this huge urge to stop off at the school on the way home simply to give my Timmy a hug, they were so close in age. Please remember this family in your prayers.

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