Monday, June 16, 2008

Another hollyhock photo

Hey! I managed to get a good photo of the hollyhocks. I took it on one of those few days here lately that it hasn't been raining, and that definitely isn't today. Oh well, it's a good excuse not to be outside weeding! I could complain about parts of my garden drowning out, but I have to look at the bright side- we haven't had to turn our air conditioner on this year yet. And I don't think my tomatoes have ever looked better this early in the season. And one variety already has tomatoes, and if we could get just a bit of sun, would ripen within a week. I walked through the garden yesterday, and a big pot of new potatoes, green beans, and bacon is very close. The potatoes show signs of dying down, and the green beans (even as weedy as they are) are sporting lots of beans. I planted two different times, and the first planting of beans is as weedy as they come, but the second planting has hardly none. I guess if I had waited a week on the first batch, I could have tilled under most of these weeds that sprouted and be further ahead. Live and learn I guess.

These poppy's are new to me this year, and I almost can't wait to see what other colors bloom. They are so pretty!


Sherry at the Zoo said...

I love the poppy's! So pretty!

merideth said...

hi, christine! i found your blog when i was googling how to grow & harvest herbs in kansas. i didn't see any other posts about your herbs . . . unless i missed them?

aaaaaaanyway, i am less-than-a-beginner and hoping maybe you can point me to some resources?

btw, your gardens (and chickens) look like my mom's when i was growing up. you don't happen to have a calf and 6 pigs each year, do you? :)

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of the hollyhocks, I think I told you they ore one of my favorites. It sounds like things are going great guns for you in the garden. Talk to you later.

merideth said...

christine, thanks for your comments on my blog. i tend to read informational stuff mostly online b/c it's quicker to see what's good & what's not, but i suppose my local nursery could recommend a book or two from the library.

also, about leroy, here's what i know about kansas towns besides my own: my husband is from kinsley in western ks, one of my girlfriends lives in howard, my son's baseball team played chanute once per year. ummm . . . i can get to wichita and kc . . . that's it! :) but i did google leroy, so i know it appears to be halfway btwn emporia and chanute. so i know more than i did yesterday, heehee!