Thursday, June 12, 2008

Giant Pumpkin Plant

Well, here it is, the giant pumpkin plant. I ordered the seeds, there were six in the package, and this is the only one the germinated. I was a little disappointed, but at least I got one. We have a terrible time with vine borers and squash bugs, so we'll just have to see how far it makes it.
And here are the tomatoes. They look really good, I already have a lot of little green tomatoes on the vine. I plan to can a ton of them so I don't have to buy tomatoes for the next year. I have the jars, I just need the tomatoes, and the time to get it all done. Jeff and I were talking of setting up a place for me to can on the covered back porch, so I don't heat the house up. All we need is an electric hot plate thing to set the pressure cooker on and we're in business.
The green beans are looking good, too. I should have some green beans to pick in a week. My onions are almost a total loss, they sat in a wet spot all spring, and haven't grown much at all. I might be able to add them to a stew whole, that will be about it. And I pulled one carrot yesterday just to see how they were looking, and so far it looks like we'll have carrots to harvest, too. The head lettuce got mushy, but the good new is the chickens were happy to get them!
Hope you gardens are doing good, too!!


Nickie said...

I have the vine borers too, bad, very bad. But as long as your vine roots along the way (you can pull dirt over the vine a bit to encourage this, it should survive. Mine was attacked last year (gourds and pumpkins) but the ones on the ground that rooted as they went, survived while the ones on a trellis didn't.

I had 8 seeds, 7 sprouted. I thinned them to 4 plants. One got eatten by a rabbit but amazingly bounced back. Yours are WAY ahead of mine. said...

great site----i've had problems with squash and cuke---i guess that's part of gardening--come visit my garden--

Robin (Bumblebee) said...

I would love to see a closeup photo of your tomato supports. I have used Texas Tomato Cages, but am running out and don't want to order more if I can build something here. Can you give more info on your supports--how, what you like and don't like?


Your friend in Maryland,

Robin at Bumblebee

terri goodman said...

Hi, to the lady who had the one pumpkin see germinate. Just a note to say that to deter those "pesty" little varments, I just dig the wood ashes out of our fire ring after the nightly campfire enjoyments in our backyard. I put them in buckets and shake them around my big pumpkin plant stems and outward along the vies and all around the pumnpkin growth area - ALL AROUND!
It really makes a difference, I found the info in my Grandmother's very old garden book. I'm 50 and we have faithfully used that old book all my life and her's, too! The oldies know all the right tricks, always, always, ask their advice first in trying to grow anything!!!! TERRI from Kentucky