Tuesday, June 24, 2008

John Deere tractors and Catalpa trees

I took this picture of our Catalpa tree a couple of weeks ago, then forgot about it. I was scanning through my cameras storage and figured I had better post it before I forgot about it again. It's a beautiful tree, but it has long bean like seed pods that make like a million seeds. I am forever pulling trees out of my flower beds, but this is not the only culprit. I also have elm, maple, mimosa, red bud, and a few oak. We cut out the mulberry tree in back so I don't have any of those here, just in front.
Look what my deary beloved found at a garage sale last weekend! One tractor runs, the other has a motor, its just in pieces. The yellow thing in front on the left is a mower deck and on the right we have a tow behind tiller. We actually have been looking at the tow behind tillers at the local farm store, but they have their own motor and are quite expensive. This one tills by means of a belt hooked to where the belt would go if using the mower deck. Wow, I'm not very mechanically minded, I hope that makes sense.
In other news, I have vine borers already. I've had to rescue the giant pumpkin plant already, and the other vines are very close behind.
Jeff was SO happy, I managed to get a cooker full of green beans, potatoes, and onions cooked tonight. Everything was from the garden except the little bit of bacon grease I added. Boy, was it ever good! I also canned 7 quarts of green beans, and as late as it is, I'm here on the computer waiting for the pressure to go down so I can take them out. Hope your garden is growing up a storm!

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Deetz said...

Hey there. I just happened upon you looking for catalpa trees. I just moved to the country and would love to have the trees you pull out of your flower beds....I live in Belle Plaine, KS and I have a dog blog if you want to answer there....its deetztheairdale.blogspot.com