Monday, June 30, 2008

Massive Bee Balm

I happen to be 5'6 1/2" tall, and I took this standing on the ground, looking straight forward. What do you think? I personally have never seen Bee Balm get quite this tall. It could be the plentiful amount of rain we've had this year, or maybe I should check the seed packet label, you think?
I am having a terrible time with the vine borers this year. I have sat on my knees many times trying to dig the little worms out of my giant pumpkin plant. That poor thing is not looking good at all. And I will definitely have to replant squash this year. I picked my very first ripe tomato today!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!! I am still trying a remember to write everything down in my notebook as I harvest. I have picked two okra and two yellow squash, and of course more green beans. I think I will definitely have to plant a fall crop of beans if I want to have enough canned for the winter. But the potatoes will be done soon, so I should have enough room to start another big patch. I tried to till the bottom of the garden the other day, but it is still way too wet. I would love to have it dry out so I can till and harvest the potatoes, then it can rain again after I get the beans planted. I have heard it is just going to be a wet year, so everything might not happen just as I hope.
Jeff and the kids helped me weed the garden, and I must say, it is looking very good. There are still a few places to finish, but at least now there are more plants than weeds.


Nickie said...

My bee balm was supposed to be "dwarf".....

its about the same hight as yours!!

I've been trying to catch the vine borer moths--I've noticed a few flying about the plants the last few days. I have a split in the vine of one of my giant pumpkin plants while the one thats really doing great seems pest free so far---and to think, I thought it was toast when a rabbit ate it to the ground when I first planted it. That one has a massive will to live!

Sherry at the Zoo said...

Wow! that is some tall bee balm! Beautiful though!